Azodin Blitz

Azodin Blitz best paintball markers promises guaranteed fantastic performance at a budget level price. This flawless paintball; thanks to its super unique features comes with lots of features and superb functions which definitely offers the expected response to customers. This paintball offers better performance and its reduced fps variation makes each shot to be fired with accuracy and balanced high speed to give a competitive edge.

Azodin Blitz paintball is for beginners who would like something affordable and also easier to maintain. Azodin Blitz has got few O rings and this makes the cleaning of this paintball easier. The new on and off ASA feature provides a quick twist in order to get the marker ready for action for a competitive play.

The Azodin Blitz contour design gives it a stylish and more aerodynamic feel; this makes it easier to use unlike other paintballs. The perfectly designed mass flow valve helps greatly in boosting the ir efficiency and this enables a faster rate of firing. This unique feature gives paintball players a competitive edge when firing. This is made possible by use of micro trigger switch control which guarantees balance when firing.

Coupled with its 2.47 pound weight, 18.78 inch length and a height of about 9.5 inches; this paintball is easier to carry around especially during tournaments. The super light weight of Azodin Blitz is perfect for incredible balance as well as control. This device shoots with lots of consistency and players are able to ripple up to 12 balls per second without experiencing any technical difficulty.

Should there be any need to alter the Azodin Blitz settings; this is made easier by the LED lights that enables users to alter, tune and give out warning signs should there be a problem with the eye system. The Azodin Blitz firing modes; Semi-Auto, Full-Auto, PSP Ramp and Millennium Ramp helps extends its battery life by efficiently utilizing the power available on the 9 volts paintball markers